Aircraft Holidays Paphos, Paphos Cyprus summer 2020
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Club St George Resort, Paphos

Club St George Resort

Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus

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  • Airplane (09/06 - 09/27/2019)
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Paphos, the mythical birth place of the goddess Aphrodite, is a city on the coast of Cyprus, 153 km away from Nicosia.
In ancient times, there were two locations called Old Paphos and New Paphos. Nowadays, the inhabited area is New Paphos. The resort benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunlight all year round.

Paphos has five major parts: Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, the Apostle Paul (who arrived in Paphos in the first century, on his way to Rome), Paphos, son of Pygmalion and the Greek Empire - Roman. The 5th century landmark is the fact that the entire city was declared petrimouniul archaeological site and included in UNESCO.

Recommendations for travel Paphos

The island is a real paradise for everyone who wishes to relax purposefully. Botanists, painters, golfers, photographers, sailing afficionados, hikers and biking enthusiasts, bird watchers, art lovers, geologists, students of folklore and lovers of traditional culture, will discover a most original island. The hospitable Cypriots practice time honoured crafts such as wine and lace-making, wood carving, weaving and pottery.

The main sights include: Akamas, the Adonis Baths, Aphrodite’s Rock, the Paphos Castle, Saranta Kolones, the Byzantine Museum, the Paphos District Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Tomb of the Kings, The Paphos Mosaic, the house of Dionysus, the house of Theseus, the Paphos Odeon, the Folk Art Museum, the Paphos Aquarium, the Ayia Solomoni Church, the Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church, the Panayia Theoskepasti Church, the Panagia tou Sinti Monastery, the Ayios Neophytos Monastery, Cape Kiti and Amathus, the Kolossi Castle, Kourion and the temple of Apollo, the Kykkos Monastery.

Public Transport
Travelling in and around Paphos using Public transport can turn out to be inexpensive and convenient.

By Bus
For reaching to Paphos, The KEMEK bus lines are well connected with all the island's main centres (Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia).

Travelling using buses in Paphos may be cheap, but requires patience. The buses do not run on a regular timetable and also they run on only certain roads and visitors who want to visit some out of the way, interesting places, bus may not turn out to be right kind of transport means for them. Bus tickets are cheap and have to buy only you have boarded the bus. Buses are of two kinds: Urban buses and Rural Buses. Urban buses connect locations across the cities while Rural buses join small villages to the nearby towns.